Mild tasting milk powder for pregnant mom

Hi, can anyone recommend any milk powder that doesn't taste too strong as I would like to boost my daily calcium intake but scared I would throw up if it's too "strong". Thanks!

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Anmum maternal milk chocolate is nice! You can request for sample. But drink in moderation ya. It's sweet.

Maybe you can try those milk with chocolate or strawberry. Hope it helps. All the best

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I really like Nestle mom and me, or frisomum. Similac tastes quite bad in my opinion


Same problem with the smell of milk. So obgyn prescribed calcium pills. Problem solved.

2y ago

1000mg is about 3 tall glasses of milk, which I don’t think I can bring myself to drink. My doc prescribed Suncal-D, which contains 450mg. I supplement with daily green veg and separate pre-nat vit.

I'm taking anmum materna chocolate flavor. Ok for me.

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Similac milk for pregnant and lactating mummies.

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Anmum materna cho flavor