Toddler won’t brush teeth

Anyone's little one refuses to brush teeth? How do you make them brush well everyday? When did you start to train them?

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You can get those cute toothbrushes from kiddy palace or get your little one to choose his toothbrush (:

Brush with them, they'll make it a habit

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Brush together. Kids will normally follow oldies.

Good to brush with him your LO so they can imitate you :)

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Can watch children YouTube on teeth brushing to encourage

Try brushing with him. Kids like to imitate adults

Can try big brush, little brush by smile on FB

Brush together with your child. I’ve also got a book with little animals brushing their teeth. I’ll read to her during story reading time. Over time, she will associate and says she want to be like little rabbit and brush her teeth. Good luck!

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By brushing together it makes it fun my little girl loves brushing her teeth