Brushing LO Teeth

When do u start to brush LO's teeth and how do u start?

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I think it’s best to start letting your child learn how to brush the moment you start them on solids even though they have no teeth yet. It’s to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth so when they’re older they won’t feel that it’s something new and strange. Before my LO started solids, I used to brush her teeth with a finger brush and when she was a little older and had no issues sitting without support (first tooth hasn’t appeared yet), I started teaching her how to brush her own gums/teeth with pigeon training toothbrush set

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I started using toothpaste when my baby first tooth came out and use my finger (after washing with soap and water) to brush, as she’s not willing to open her mouth due to teething. Before that I use drinkable water and cloth to clean her gum. Now I am using toothbrush.

we started to brush her teeth the moment it cut out. we got her the kodomo 0.5yr-2yr toothbrush. we make brushing a routine, twice daily. gradually as she grows older, she knows that she need to brush her teeth in the morning and after shower.


I start cleaning for baby when she had her first teeth and she brush herself at about 14 months.

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When the first teeth came out twice a day. Start by using toothbrush with baby toothpaste

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We started to brush her teeth at her first birthday - we bought a finger toothbrush.

after first teeth appears. we used a finger toothbrush

right after 1st teeth come out :)