How to make my toddler brush her teeth?

Hi all mummy, I have difficulty convince my toddler to brush her teeth. Any tips?

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I bought strawberry flavoured toothpaste! My girl (16m) is a glutton so she'll want anything that tastes nice. 😂 I make it a habit that she brush her teeth every morning and night, and do it with her at the sink like how adults do it. So if she spills water everywhere I can just change her clothes right away. I also let her hold her own toothbrush and cup to rinse her mouth to make her feel like she's a big girl now. Just rmb to get toothpaste that are ok for them to swallow. Most imptly, have fun at it! jiayou!

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Super Mum

I bought cute toothbrushes and also have a routine for her to choose one soft toy to use and lie on my lap with, and then we do songs and other stuff. When she was a little younger, i let her hold the silicone finger brush and brush her teeth (before I do the real thing) also. Because when they get to do something and see that it’s fun and not scary, they become okay with it:)

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Buying different color toothbrushes helps to bring the attention of child to0 brush their teeth


I let my boy listen to brush teeth songs, like from blippi or Cocomelon. Then he will follow.