Brush/Clean teeth for 8 months old baby?

Do you all brush or clean teeth for 8 months old baby? If yes, how to? Our baby girl refuses to let us clean her teeth, will keep her louth shut when she see our cloth or mini soft hand held toothbrush.

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Yes, introduced banana teether for him since he is 6 months old and has been consistent with brushing routine(with toothbrush from Pigeon) before his shower, morning and evening.


I started when baby is 15 month brushing together so she will follow. as for before that I use cloth or the finger toothbrush that you slot your finger in kind

Hi, You can use teethers and continue using them as it sets the brushing routine :)

i dont really know as my baby is still 2 weeks plus only :(

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pigeon has those toothbrush