Moms and dads, when did your baby's first teeth come in. Also, when did you start brushing their teeth and how did you do it? Care to share your best tips on how to brush/floss their teeth?

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A baby's teeth erupt as early as 3 months! My nephew was sort of a late bloomer. His started to erupt at about 5-6 months. There's a special kind of toothbrush for babies available in drug stores/supermarkets/baby stores. Brush their teeth twice a day with a smear of toothpaste. Increase this to the size of a pea when your kid turns 2. Other ways to care for their teeth would be not to send them to bed with a bottle and to transition from the bottle to a cup sometime after their 1st birthday.

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We started to brush her teeth at her first birthday - we bought a finger toothbrush.

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