Restless nights...

Hi Anyone experience daily vivid dreams / nightmares when pregnant? Also, do u have like times when u wake up to pee but can’t seem to fall back to sleep? If you share the same experience, are you able to overcome it and can share how to do so? Thanks a lot!
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I had nightmare almost every single night during my first tri. but it slowly goes off when I'm at 2nd tri..
Yes... i had the same problem you encounter. Mainly having alot of bad dreams during my 1sy trimester. For sleeping problem, it will b hard for me to fall back to sleep if i wake up to toilet. All i
Mine was during my third trimester..
I have vivid dreams and some days I will just on some calming music to relax myself to fall back to sleep, it will be hard but definitely help a little as your mind is more relax.
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I experienced it too. I had a hard time falling back asleep after waking up to use the toilet.