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Mix breast milk and powder milk
Can i start mixing breast milk (when i am at home or with my baby) and powder milk (when i am at work) soon my baby reach 5 months old?
Baby less sleep
Hi all. My baby nearly 2 months old now. Just to make sure, my baby didnt get much sleep between 8am to 5pm, does this mean her sleeping time change? Usually 6 hrs. 2-3 hrs every time she slept. N
What to do..
I was planning to resign from work so that i can concentrate taking care of my daugther until she 2 yrs old.. But due to money matters.. My husband advice do not resign yet.. I don't want to send my d
You can discuss something with your husband about the possibilities of why u are concern in sending your daughter to daycare. Perhaps compromise in something that both party can agree on. Maybe your
Supplement Vitamin C
Can consume supplement of vitamin C such as redoxon while breastfeeding?
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Best to take multi vitamin for lactation mum
sleeping more
My daughter (1 month ++ old) her sleeping time is more than usual also sleep pattern changed, Is it because she's having cough and runny nose (only happened whenever she awake, now day 7 still got cou
My baby been coughing there any tips to reduce it? I know there is no suitable medicine for baby below 2 yrs old
U may want to use Garlic Balm..apply over at your baby chest, soles and spine. Or u can get Breathe Easy from Mommadee, Inara Organics, etc.. or best go to Paed, they will advise you on medication n t
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Bring baby to yu Guo tcm. A lot of babies go there. There are babies as young as 1 month old. But be prepare to Q. No medication. It works for my girl. 1 session and she stop coughing.
Rarely burp after breastfeed
My baby (1 month + old) rarely burp after breastfeed.. Is it ok?
It would be best to burp so that the wind inside the baby will come out.
Baby always poop
Is it because of my food intake?
How old is your baby? How many poo a day?
help... how to cure diaper rashes
Anyone can give some tips? After a month i just notice my baby got diaper rashes. 😞
Baby asleep after breastfeed
My baby easily asleep after breastfeed...what i know, we have to make baby burp before they fall asleep. Can make the baby burp even though already sleeping? I dont want to wake my baby during her
I don't burp baby when i breastfeed. It's actually ok