Fried food during pregnancy

Hi, do anyone crave for fried food during pregnancy? And do you avoid fried food?

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I don't really crave for it but it's hard to avoid fried food when eating out. It's not totally unhealthy though so no reason to avoid completely (maybe cut down a bit). Or if you're cautious can fry your own food with olive oil

I didn’t crave but I also didn’t avoid fried food Cos I think with quite a number of food restrictions during pregnancy alr if still can’t eat fried food then nothing left to eat already 😂

I dont crave for fried food but i dont avoid it totally. I still have my occassional fries and fast food when i feel like it. No upsize!

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Yes I do crave for fries, fried banana fritters (goring Pisang). Just have it occasionally and it’s fine. :)

Thanks all for sharing, hearing from you all i feel less guilty 😋

I eat everything when I hungry, mama happy baby will also happy, don’t eat raw.

I had major freid chicken craving .... I took it only once in 2 weeks

I love my chicken wings... just have them in moderation should be ok

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I crave for MacDonald and seafood. I didn’t avoid fried food

I don't totally avoid fried food just have it lesser