Pregnancy can eat fast food? Fried chicken?

My wife is in her 2nd trimester. Can she eat fast food like KFC fried chicken (in moderation of course)?

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Ofcos! It's safe. Everything in moderation or till she reacts to the food as in sometimes during pregnancy certain food are not to our liking then maybe we should not eat those food for the time being. Like I love durian but when I ate 2 seeds I felt sick and nausea so I stopped. And I love spicy so during the first trimester I was having bad morning sickness till no appetite then 2nd trimester it was good and now 3rd trimester cannot take too spicy cos will have heat burn and acid reflux so I seldom take too spicy. Hehe. Ofcos too much fast food is also not good cos we're supposed to eat more nutrient food! Hehehe. Jiayouu

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yesss!! can hahahh i have kbbq every month. hahahh heavily craving for pork belly and kimchi hahahahaha.. and now my boy lovess pork so much hahhaha

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Haahah actually u can eat anything jus some food u have to avoid such like black fungus.. green bean, all the 涼涼 food

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Yes, in moderation. During my pregnancy especially 3rd trimester, I crave for chicken everyday... 🤣

Haha, yes, let her enjoy but in moderation. Maybe balanced it off with some fruits and vegetables too?

Anything except raw food. I craved for instant noodle at times too.

I still eat during pregnancy. Just eat in moderation.

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of course, i had macdonalds too, but not every week.

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Yes. In moderation. I had it too during pregnancy. :)

4y ago

Thanks a lot!!

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Yes of course why not... 😍