Anyone been to Hong Kong Disneyland? Was thinking of bringing my kids 3 and 5yrs old.

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If you are going to hongkong specifically for Disney land then perhaps you may want to wait till they are slightly older nevertheless there are sufficient rides they will be able to take. The live shows are really good.

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I always seen people posting their experience. If you have decided, the resturant with mascot walking around, you have to pre-book in advance!

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HK Disneyland was a lot of fun. I do highly recommend it when things are calmer HK shanghai was even more fun! It was bigger with more rides

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Maybe not hong kong for the time being. Tokyo disneyland is bigger and more pleasant compare to hong kong. You can consider this.

Its good fun and family friendly, but you may want to reconsider joining HK at the moment as there is unrest there.

Went with my then 2.5 yo girl..abit too small but since you are going hk might as well go and have some fun :)

It's a more comfortable size but I'll avoid HK now

Don’t go now! Can go Shanghai, bigger and nicer!

yes!!! it's very fun! you should go there..

Might be more troublesome than fun.