Any children friendly country to recommend? Thinking of bringing my 3 and 5 years old for a break coming June! tks!

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For short trips, we go to Malaysia. We don't drive in though, we take the coach. My kids love going to Legoland & The Little Big Club + Hello Kitty Land in JB. Malacca is quite good too if you stay in hotels within walking distance to Jonker Street (eg Hatten). Good food + kids' activities too. My girls love the trishaw rides & river cruises.

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You can consider going off city countries like phucket to take a break from the busy city life. They can experience the sea and bask in the sun. Children get bored and tired easily for them to walk and shop around for the whole day. I feel that it will be a great experience for them and relaxing moments for the adults.

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If you're thinking European countries, might I suggest any of the Scandinavian countries -- Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Gorgeous, safe, amazing weather, a good mix of nature and city and very very child friendly. Plus in June, it's almost 20 hours of sunlight so you can travel around longer :)

Will highly recommend Australia! Brought my boy to Perth he loves the place esp the close up experiences with the animals during farm stay and the big area for him to run! I personally love the weather esp during autumn and spring to escape from the super hot weather in Singapore!

Australia! Stroller friendly. Or just buy stroller at Kmart or Target or Big W as low as AUD $20. Lightweight. Only setback is cannot recline. Otherwise doing well over tough terrains and I brought mine back. Sturdy too. Toilets are clean.

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For certain attractions, kids below 3 or 4 is free.

Hi Chengling, HongKong has almost everything for the kids. Most places are child friendly and there are lots of food choices for the kids.

tough if bring pram?

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Agree, with the bustling traffic and city atmosphere, theorectically it should be accessible like Singapore but it's not really. Even if you went to Disneyland or any other theme park, you would need a stroller.