Fish oil supplements

Hi, anyone after taking the fish oil supplements feel nausea?

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Super Mum

Are you sure it's because of the fish oil not just a pregnancy symptom? Anyway I don't feel nauseous but some brands of fish oil will give me fishy burps which are very unpleasant. So if you think it's causing you discomfort you can try changing a different brand

3y ago

Yes, I think is the fishy burp make me nausea. Wad brand of fish oil u taking?

At first i had migraine aftr taking fish oil but not nausea. But aftr a few times taking it my body seems to be absorbing it well

Super Mum

At the start, I can’t take fish oil without vomiting. Now feeling much better already.

Not usually. Might want to stop taking them.

Nope.. not smell whatsoever to trigger

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One of my frnd using it she is fine

Not me

Super Mum


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Super Mum