Can anybody tell me if my baby's eye has a problem? Or is it just one is double eyelid and one is single eyelid? Any mummies with children having ptosis? Her eye one can open fully one seems a little "lazy" and doesnt seem to open as big as her normal eye. The eyeball don't have an issue as I can see it moving together when she tracks an object. So it's the eyelid... Thanksss

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Thanks everyone. I did consult the polyclinic doctor but they keep saying it looks OK, when obviously does not.

2y ago

You can seek second opinion at private doctor. I find polyclinic doctors not very reliable

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No such experience before. Bring your baby to see PD. Doctor will advise accordingly.


This is better checked by your PD to get professional opinion.

How many weeks old is she? Better to get it checked with pedi

Better go to the children hospital to get it check out.

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Hi mummy, it's good to bring to a PD to check. :)

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the PD will probably refer you to eye specialist

Better to check with different PD for advise

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Please bring your child to see the PD

Doesn’t look normal. Bring to pd