Alhamdulilah .

alhamdulillah. my last period 31/12 and period delay. and check UPT on 4/2 .. i hope everything will be ok. this is my first pregnancy.. please share any advice and yours experience for early pregnancy..

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tahniah...sentiasa jaga kesihatan spanjang preggy..jangan lupa ambil asid folic utk 1st trimester ni

5y ago

terima kasih atas nasihatnya sis😘😘😘

this is my result .. last period 31/12.. check upt 4/2

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5y ago

in shaa Allah ,aamin..💕

pray for the good news if you TTC.

5y ago

positive? yay! alhamdulillah, welcome aboard mommy!

Tahniah😘 take care mommy

5y ago

alhamdulillah tq dear💕

tahniah...take care ya momy

5y ago

alhamdulillah, tq mommy💕

tahniah. .......


5y ago

alhamdulillah.. terima kasih😘


5y ago

alhamdulillah mommy💕