Empty Gestational Sac At 7 Weeks

Hi, according to my LMP, I'm at 7 weeks this week. However when I went for my ultrasound yesterday, it showed empty Gestational Sac. It broke my heart as I was expecting to see and hear heartbeat. Doc ruled out ectopic. My sac was 1cm in diameter and hcg is at 8000. Doc adv me to come back in 2 weeks again. Any advice and stories to share? I'm preparing for the worst.. :(

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Super Mum

Because my menstrual cycle is 30+ days, my LMP and actual gestational age are always different. So when I thought I was 6+ weeks pregnant, the scan showed that it was only 4+ weeks.. also just a gestational sac. (I had the scan done earlier than scheduled because I had severe persistent abdominal pain). The 2 week wait before the next scan was frightening, nerve wrecking and filled with tears. When the heartbeat showed up at the next scan, it was extremely emotional for me. I’m hoping your scan was just done too early too, and that you’ll be able to see the heartbeat in 2 weeks. Hang in there, dear ❤️ And take really good care of yourself these 2 weeks

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It think it is too early to see the pole. I have the same experience, on my second visit, we can see the pole. Now I am in my 26weeks pregnant. So stay positive and don’t worry. Happy mama, healthy baby. God bless you and baby💙 I

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Hi how was your scan was the result good?

2y ago

It was a blighted ovum (empty sac and no foetus). At about 8 weeks, the sac passed out naturally. I heard its common in first pregnancy. I tried again after a while and got pregnant. Now currently 5 months :)