Worried About My Gestational Sac Size

Hi, my first scan was done a few weeks ago, sac size was 0.4mm. 2 weeks later, I went for another scan and my size went up to 1cm but it was empty (no yolk sac or embryo). I'm very worried, please share your stories and advice. Thank you..

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Ya, how many weeks are you now ? Normally, a scan at week6 shall be able to detect the gestational sac with yolk. If it is not seen or so, your obgyn will discusd with you.

3y ago

I counted 7 weeks according to my LMP.. But doctor said it's only 5 weeks according to my sac size :x I'm trying to be positive but I'm worried my next scan would show nothing again. :(

Super Mum

May I know how many weeks are you in? And what did the gynae advice?

3y ago

Gynae did not say much and asked me to come back for another scan in 2 weeks. My hcg level was 8000 IU/L. I think its quite low but doc didn't say anything about the hcg level.