Empty gestational sac

According to my LMP I'm 8 weeks 6 days pregnant. I just went to my first appointment today and found out the gestational sac is empty, no yolk sac and fetal pole. The measurement for the gestational sac is about 20mm. I'm scheduled for another appointment next week to double check everything. I want to know if any of you mommies have experienced this, and if there's any possibility that it will turn into a viable pregnancy?

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LMP is never accurate even with a regular cycle so follow the ultrasound's date. You are probably or might be too early than 8 weeks hence you cannot see both yet cos normally by 8 weeks can see already. Be positive!

2y ago

Thank you for your kind words (': I hope everything goes well next week.

Have a positive mind. Normally at 8 weeks it can be detected. but there may be some possibilities it can be seen after that also. that is why your doctor has asked you to come after 1 week.

2y ago

I'll try and stay positive. thank you for your kind words (: