Worried and Confused

Went for my second ultrasound and doctor said based on gestational sac looks like I am 7 weeks pregnant. However based on my calculation, as I ovulated later, I am supposed to be 6 + 4 weeks. Anyways it was saddening to find out that I had an empty gestational sac with no fetal pole or heartbeat. Doctor has asked me to come back in a week time to scan again. Any advice or experiences from any mummies here.

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6 - 7 weeks. At 8 weeks you may or may not sometimes hear the heartbeat too. Best is at 9 weeks.

4y ago

Yup I also read about it. Thank you for the advice!

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Dun worry, just wait for the following scan. Everything will be fine

4y ago

Thank you for the reassurance. I am also hoping for the best.