Possible to see an empty gestational sac during ultrasound at 6 weeks?

Based on my last menstrual period, I should be at my 6 weeks now. However, during my scan yesterday at 5 + 6 weeks its shows an empty gestational sac with no yolk or fetal pole. Doctor says that the gestational sac indicates that 99% baby is in the womb and not an ectopic pregnancy. But I can’t help but feel very very anxious before my next scan on 25th! This is my first baby.

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My gestational sac was empty during my very first scan too and my gynae couldn’t find the baby through abdominal scan. I was 5 weeks plus pregnant then. He said probably the baby was hiding below the uterus. Went back to check another 2 weeks later and couldn’t find baby still through the scan, but the sac grew bigger. Again he said the baby should be hiding below and can’t be seen. During the 9th week I went for the scan again and finally we manage to see the little human begin waving it’s little arm and the flickering heartbeat. True enough, this little one was hiding at the bottom of the uterus. Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant. 😊 Your baby could be hiding somewhere so don’t worry. As long as you’re still feeling morning sickness symptoms, you should be fine.

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Hi there ! Same as me, base on last menstrual period i should be in my 6 weeks but base on scan, Doctor said im in my 5weeks + .. During scan, it was difficult for Doctor to find my baby .. She had to really press my belly to search for it .. She advised me to drink lots of water before scanning so my bladder is filled up and it could help to lift up my uterus .. She is able to detect baby's heartbeat but because it is soooo tiny, we didnt had a clear picture of baby .. But as long as the heartbeat is there, we are rest assured that baby is inside my tummy .. Doctor also advised us to come back during week 10 for 2nd scanning .. Hope all is well for you and the rest of us mummies ❣

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I have the same situation as you now. had slight brown spotting and went to NUH to check. shows an empty gestational sac and the size is quite big, about 29mm. do you know your gestational sac size? waiting for my next scan on next monday.

Hi there, any update from your latest scan? I hope all is good!

it is better to wait for next scan

How are the results good?