Not washing hair every day

Will you accept your maid not washing her hair daily? She’s looking after baby. But she buns up her hair. If you are ok with that, what is the maximum number of days?

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It's actually better to not wash your hair daily unless it gets really dirty oily etc. It's really up to each person's hair condition. Don't think you should control this aspect, as long as she bathes daily it's fine.

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It would be good if wash daily. To me, Max 1 day. Especially if she goes out w whole family, it’s better to come home n wash. If finds it hair too long, can cut shorter.

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My maid doesn't wash her hair daily but ties it up during the day. Shower daily is a must and straight shower after washing toilet/going to clinic

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Preferably daily... But I guess if she doesn't go out and stays home most of the time should be fine

Okay if she hardly perspires and is at home the entire time. If not I find it dirty

Is it good to wash everyday? We'd lose our natural oils right?

If it's not looking too oily that's up to her

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Good to wash at least once per day

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daily is for personal hygiene.

As long as it does not smell