My 2 yr old toddler dislike washing her hair, she will scream and cry if water drips on her face and resist bathing . I have tried shampoo shields etc but to no avail she will take out and jump out of the tub. I still have to carry her in newborn style" to wash her hair but it's putting a strain on my arms ! Pls advise

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Have you tried distracting her with toys? or bringing her fave toy to the bath (not unless it's made of fabric). I find that this helps with my toddler. Maybe you can bring a barbie doll and she can wash the Barbie's hair together. Explore also what bothers her with hair washing. Is it the water in her face or the soap in her eyes. And lastly, you don't have to wash your tot's hair everyday, unless it's really dirty. From experience, the longer the duration between washes, the more tolerable it is for mom and kid.

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A few things to try Sit in bath tub, let her pour water on your hair Sometimes shower without the soap, just rinse with water to confirm if it fear of water or the soap It's surely changeable. I use to be a child care teacher and I manage to coax a child in the same situation in2-3momths. The mom is very surprise too You must also be calm and let her know you can take control of the situation If you feel she will be scared, she will be. Good luck!

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My 14 month old toddler started taking bath using shower head since 11 month old. What I do with her is that i would play water with her then damp her hair a bit by bit. Then demo washing hair on myself tell her no need to be afraid of washing hair in standing position. so day by day slowly my toddler gain interest and think is fun thus eventually she is up to the challenge to bath in that manner. so take it slow =)

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A friend of mine used The Little Mermaid cartoon as an example to show her daughter not to fear water on her hair or pretty much anywhere else. It worked! Now her child insists that she is a mermaid like Ariel. Sometimes, a little distraction is all that is needed.

Have you tried bathing with her? Just a suggestion, maybe you can try to making it fun by showing her how you wash your hair and that it isn't scary/painful? Then have her wash yours vice versa?

You can buy a shower cap with rim. There are kids who really dislike water getting into their eyes. It's also good to encourage and let them know that bathtime is fun.

i also have a 2yo girl. i would ask her to tilt her head backward abit and wash as normal.

My mom bought this for my son. It looks strange but worked!

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