6in1 Injection

Hi my 6 months old LO just got her 6in1 vaccination. She does not cry much probably cried for 5seconds only for each jab. But once we are home and she was having nap I realise she was crying in her nap and when awake she was fussing alot. She has never did that before so I was dumbfounded and did not know what to do. Please advise what should I do? Should I ask her to cry more after jab to let it out? Pretty sure she was quite traumatised by the jab cause even now she is crying a lil in a sleep. She isn't a baby who cries at all. Even hungry she just scream or make a lil noise to get our attention.

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Super Mum

She might be fussy for a whole day. Besides the possibility of fever, the area of injection will also ache. Hold her and reassure her, also check her temperature regularly. Hopefully she feels better soon ❤️

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The vaccination does make them uncomfortable I felt, maybe monitor a few more days. Some even might have fever, so do monitor.