My 3 years old is down with phlegmy cough. Any remedy to clear the phlegm?

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Please visit the doctor just to get him checked. Theres so many viruses going around. You can also use Sterimar nasal spray,gently pat his back to loose the mucus and also do a steam room effect in your toilet and bring your child in to inhale it. Read about this steam room effect somewhere and it has helped for my LO

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Sterminar . Spray it into his nose and let it flow down to his throat. it will help to dissolve the phlegm. secondly, pat his back and chest. it helps to dislodge the phlegm

I tried many method before. But I still feel that nebulizer helps in clearing my LO phlegm fast.

Please visit a doctor if still like it tomorrow. Better to be safe and good peace of mind!

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You can try yuguo TCM, I went for my baby over 3 days and see improvement.

4y ago

How old is your baby? Do they just tuina or?

If the condition doesn't improve, please see your doctor.

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Most importantly, do avoid sweet and fried food


Thank you mummies.. Will try them out 😀


Best to see the doctor