Guys - I was down with flu in April for a week and have recovered. 3 weeks later and until today I am down with cough, the cough has been lingering for 2 weeks! It is very uncomfortable as I always have leakage when the cough gets too strong. I have been taking the medicine given by GP but it doesnt seem to work.. Any home remedy that can make me recover fast? There is no phlegm and no sore throat.. the cough is very dry cough and I just took my TDAP vaccine today

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Hi, I had the same issue as well but have since given birth. I tried taking medication for cough and tried various remedies then but they did not work. The cough stopped immediately after I gave birth and when I was chatting with the nurses in the hospital, I learnt that it could have been gastric reflux. It might have caused irritation to the throat, leading to cough. You might want to try taking medication for gastric reflux and monitor to see whether it works. Take care!

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hi! i had bad cough with phlegm and i found that eating steamed orange with sea salt works! u can google for the recipe. GP med did not help me for a week too, but this orange recipe helped me after 1 intake. haha

Spam warm honey! Gts!