My 3 year old Daughter is still not sleeping through the night! I do not know how to make her sleep through, since birth she has only slept through less than 5 times.. I'm not sure izit becoz she's still latching on to me at this age, so she tends to wake up to search for me and latch on.. it's so tiring... I've tried many ways, lessen stimulation, gave her bottle milk, using essential oil, etc etc.. but she still wake up at least twice ?

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I believe it's the latching that is making them wake up middle of the nights. My LO even though he is 19mo.He is waking up non stop just for comfort latch. No deep drinking but just comfort latch. Maybe time to talk to your daughter that it is time to stop latching at night. Or you can try getting your daughter to sleep with your husband to see if it's the latching causing her to wake up mutlitple times.

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