My 2yo still haven't sleep through the night

My 2yo still haven't sleep through the night still crying. Still drinking milk at night but drink abit 10ml then doze off lol. I will still make milk every 3hrs at night in case she cry i give her milk or pacifier. Is this normal? I thought this age can sleep through the night. I gave her midnight snacks biscuit n milk alrdy before she sleep. So that she will feel full n sleep through the night but still same. Is there anyone same as my girl?

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Super Mum

Kids are creatures of habit:) she doesn’t need the midnight snacks or night feeds anymore:) you just need to train her. It doesn’t always happen naturally. If she cries, leave her alone for 5-10 minutes and let her self soothe. Otherwise, go to her and reassure her without taking her out of bed. Don’t prepare anymore milk. If you can, stop the pacifier too. At this age, she already understands you well. So talk to her before bedtime (aim 8-9pm) and tell her that you will see her tomorrow, and that she can sleep at night without milk or snacks or pacifier. Give her a soft toy or something to hug. Tell her that if she wakes up, she can hug her “friend” and go back to sleep. By this age, the sleep training should take 1-2 weeks. Reward her when she does well, and encourage her:)

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