my 2yo LO always wakes up at 8am especially on weekends and holidays. and by the time he finishes his breakfast it's almost 10am. den he will nap at 11plus till 2 to 3 pm den eat lunch. by the time he finishes lunch is 4 plus. he's a slow eater. we didn't wanna wake him up from his naps because he goes to school from mon to Fri and we tot days he doesnt have to go sch sch is the best time for him to recharge and rest. but tt will delay his dinner and sometimes he skips it ok?

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How much is he eating for each meal? Personally, I feel that as long as he is having sufficient and well balanced meals, then there is no need to be too worried about the number of meals he is having. Another way is gauge would be that he is still full of energy and active while awake, and not showing signs of lethargy. Also, not falling ill frequently is a good indicator that he is healthy and growing well. Hence, there will be no need to be too worried. Getting enough rest is important as well. :)

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Is your LO putting good weight? So long he happy and is growing constantly and you have provided him with nutriention meal you need not to be worried. Skipping dinner at times is fine. You may want to consider giving him a cup of milk or light snacks before his bed time. Do try to find out if he has this problem in school? It is best to find out with the teachers if he is eating well. work hand in hand with the teachers

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For a 2 year old, they do not know time. You have to stick with whatever the routine which you have inplaced. They wont understand the concept of its the weekends so i get to recharge. This may end up sending them wrong signals which may end up confusing them. Wake him up and push the timings earlier.

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No, maybe fresh air lots of sling eye contact interaction,show him you need him to be a part of your day cuz he makes you smile.maybe he needs you to make him want move and also be structured and not passing him off on accident maybe he needs you to c he need you

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My daughter does the same but i ensure i feed her dinner by 9pm as she sleeps late..