Inappropriate nap schedule for 7mo

My 7mo attends ifc and is currently on two solids a day (lunch, snack). Lunch is served at 11am after which the children have nap time from 1215pm. As a result, my child has been staying awake from the time he wakes up till nap time at times his wake time can be as long as 5+ hours. At 7mo, he should ideally still be on 2-3 naps with wake time 2.5-3h max... Some days at ifc he only has 1 nap and refuses to sleep till bed time. On weekends at home, he still takes 3 naps at the usual timings. What should I do to ensure he gets enough rest at ifc? The ifc schedule is fine for older kids in 1 nap but not a 7mo. Any advice would be appreciated :(

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When my son went to IFC at 7 months, the teacher follows his cues. Only closer to 18 months when he needs to transition to playgroup then he was put on sort of a schedule - but still not a very strict one. Maybe need to talk to the educated about your concerns.

Hi , is he new to ifc ? If so , it might take some time for him to adapt with the environment . I remembered my son only gets 20 mins of nap when he just started attending childcare .

3y ago

No he's not... He's been there since 3mo. He's following the schedule for kids more than 12mo which is inappropriate for him haha