Hi! Need some advice regarding my toddler's schedule. My LO is now 23 months old and is following a routine I would like to change. He wakes at 9am every morning , has breakfast which he eats very little then sometimes demands for a nap at about 11.30 or 12 noon. I'm at my wits end as to how to correct this as he will often wake from his nap at about 1.30pm and have lunch. This makes it very difficult for me to offer him a snack as I understand that toddlers this age should be getting at least one snack a day. On good days he asks for another nap at about 4/4.30pm until 6pm and if not, he skips the afternoon nap altogether. I hope to make a few changes to his nap/bed time and his mealtimes. Hoping that his mealtimes will not be so late so that there is a buffer for me to offer him a snack. How do I go about changing his schedule and mealtimes , where do I start? Thanks in advance!

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i would advise same as Jorelle. Get your toddler to sleep earlier. 1030pm bedtime is way too late. I would recommend 9-930pm. So he can wakes up earlier. All the routine will be able to move forward

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7y ago

Ok thanks! Will try that and hopefully his mealtimes will get better from there.

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Is he growing? as in there is growth during doctor visit and all? secondly what time does he sleep at night?

7y ago

Ok thanks will try that!