My lo is 8 months and he has been cranky most of the time. And he wants to touch things that I don't allow him to touch, when I took it away from him he will start to cry but I will nv give in. Is it normal for baby to act this way? And he already have 6 teeth and non stop biting things, everything he bite. I wonder when will he stop biting? He woke up at 7am and refusing to take his nap at 9am or 10am and he will be cranky all the way until 11am or 12pm to take his nap and is only a 30 mins to 1hr nap. The 2nd nap will be at 3pm or 4pm also a short one about 30 mins to 1he. Sometime he don't even want to take his 2nd nap and keep on being awake. He will sleep at 7pm or 8pm until the next day 6am or 7am. Is it okay? Diaper changing time he will turn and toss around . Especially when he poops, which I am having hard time cleaning him up. Any tips to shared for making him not tossing and turning around.?

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Hi mummy! You must be a first time mum. yes being a first time mum is indeed stressful at times. 1. LO is very curious at this stage. They love to touch things around him and basically ANYTHING. Yes LO will cry when things is taken away from him dont worry, he is still trying to understand on WHY things will be taken away from him. 2. Biting wise is normal cos they are teething, they need to grind their teeth to ease the pain.

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If he can stand, it is easy, i always bring my LO to toilet and wash. When we are outside, i will get him to stand, use the diaper to 'scrap' the poop off his butt. I have a small spray bottle with water. It will be used to spray his butt and i clean with wet wipes.