my son seriously dont wanna eat his meal.. be it breakfast, lunch and dinner.. he chew slow and keep inside his mouth.. or else he will push away the spoon or turn away and shake his head while throwing his tantrum.. we tried all means and ways but still reject.. is it really cause im breastfeeding him that makes him gam zak (not sure what it meant).. but the oldest keep blaming me as my milk makes him dont wanna eat and he dont grow fat but skinny and tall.. im getting all those negative comments and he still keep on rejecting the food.. or else he will spit out.. before this, he can finish almost 3/4 of the noodle soup but now, he takes maybe 1/4 or 2/4.. ppl advicing me is a phrase but how long is he going to be like this.. almost 6 months i guess?

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It's really don't need worry mummy! My lo is hitting 1 soon! And she still prefer my breastmilk more than solid! When she eat, she took 1hour to finish her food! Most of them comment now baby 11month plus, should take 3 meals a day. But mine is still 1-2meals only. (Mostly 1) as long as she drinks and be healthy I'm happy! :)

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My Boy is 3 years old and i face the same Problem. Super picky and fussy. Frankly , its either you eat or nothing at all. And when i say nothing meaning no milk as well. Do you give him snacks in between?

Mine also eat very Long but he will eat just that he can't sit still.. he will take 1 mouth , crawl ard and return for more food