My 1yo having blocked nose, making him difficulty sleeping, how can I make him sleep better?

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Saline drop in each nostril...then use a nose dropper / cleaner to pull out the mucus from each side. Do it a couple of times a day... It totally works !! Also put some ecaleptus oil / Vicks on a hanky and keep it close to him when sleeping .,, Will help ease the breathing

I tried cutting an onion in half, put it in a cup n leave it near baby cot. It helped my LO for both block and runny nose. Day n night until she recovered. Mayb you can give it a shot too?

7y ago

Noted thx:)


I use Olbas oil for baby. Just a drop on his shirt and pillow or blanket. This helps clear passageway and allows for restful Sleep. Guardian and Watson’s would have this.

Humidifier. Vicks to apply on his feet and chest. It will make him breath better . Adjust his pillow abit higher so that the airways not blocked.

Seeing a doctor and taking his regular medication is good too. I can also consider to let him sleep slightly alleviated - like on a pillow

7y ago

Yes, it's because it does work! Lavender essential oil or eucalyptus essential oil will be good too. If possible, buy Young Living or The Naturalist (at esplanande or online). Both of them their EO are quite pure

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you can consider diffusing essential oils like lavendar or lemon. It helps to soothe them and also open up their blocked airways

7y ago

Where can I buy those?:) and how to put it?

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You can get those ultrasonics diffuser from Qoo10. Essential oils i would get them from Iherb. I like the brand Now Food.

Elevate babies pillows. It would help with the air ways. It works for me. I rub Vicks in both feets as well.

I apply baby vicks on their chest and bottom of the soles. Let them sleep slightly higher (prop with pillows)

7y ago

probably for now, he have to sleep on your chest so he can sleep well...