What can i do to help my 11weeks baby blocked nose?

My 11weeks baby keep waking up from his sleep at night due to his blocked nose. Is there any remedy or is there anything that i can do to treat with his blocked nose? Any medicine to recommend for his blocked nose? Went to clinic and the doctor gave him zyrtec syrup but i dont think its working on him. Please help. Thanks :)

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I bought Sterimar nasal spray for my baby and spray in her nose everyday. I also gently clean her nose boogie with a cotton bud after every shower. Sometimes if I notice her nose is more watery than usual, I’ll use a manual nasal aspirator to suck out any mucus. Just have to hold your baby down for that few seconds while you suck the mucus out. My doc also prescribed us with iliadin nose drops for infants (helps clear blocked nose) and prospan syrup (for phlegm, sore throat). I apply Vapour Soove when she has a cold. You can also try the garlic baby balm, heard good reviews about it. Can also try euky bear steam vapouriser.

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2y ago

Yes can. Just read the intructions on how to spray it.