Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes

According to Singapore National Eye Centre's Myopia Centre (SNEC), by Primary 6 the myopia rate amongst children in Singapore is as high as 65% ? Hence, for this Ask the Expert Session we have TWO experts who will be answering all your questions on myopia and how to care for your kids eyes ?? These two experts are Chen Weiwen: founder of My Eye Matters and Janet Chung: Principal Optometrist, PediaOptix. So start asking your burning questions in the comments section on caring for your kids eyes!

Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes
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Hi when is the recommended age to start screen time on some educational and interactive programs and how long for each time? Thank You.

2y ago

If you are asking an optometrist point of view, there’s no magic number to this. But the rule is to take breaks, every 20 minutes of near work (including screen), look at 20 feet away for 20 seconds- we call this the 20-20-20 rule. So there isn’t a fix rule of how much screen time. This applies for adults too. But for a young child, they shouldn’t need be subjected to the need of full day of screen time. We should allow a variety of activities for our young child, this helps cultivate good habits and healthy lifestyle. From a an expert in child development’s point of view, no screen time before the child turns 2 years old, and only 1hour for aged 2-5year old.