My LO is 6mo and sprouted her lower 2 teeth at 5mo. I noticed she has another white round thing beside the left tooth. Is she teething again? Will teeth grow accordingly in order as the chart? She's having a fever of 38.4 degrees now. Will teething fever be so high? she is still feeding as normal. Went to see doc and was given panadol syrup and antibiotics but i think i will give panadol first and see if fever subsides.

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Usually for teething will be low grade fever (37.6-38.0). Any temperature more than that could be something else. If it's normal fever I doubt the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Maybe you would like to call up the clinic and find out the purpose of the antibiotic syrup? For temperature above 38.5 for more than 24 hours I will give suppository and if fever doesn't subside after 4 hours, I will bring to the doctor.

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It could be teething again. For my child, it didn't grow according to the teething chart. But i took notice of the signs of teething to judge if it's teething fever. - drooling -constant putting things or hand into mouth. 38.4deg is too high to be called a teething fever

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white round thing could be Epstein Pearl. might not be teeth. it's usually harmless and won't cause any discomfort or pain. (: you may Google on it too. (:

Yup my son is currently, 9months old and having a white round thing as well. But he is also teething so I would assume the tooth may sprout soon.