My 1 y.o. doesn't drink formula milk after I abruptly stopped breastfeeding him when my OB told me so to stop the spotting and the risk of a miscarriage. How do I get him to drink milk?

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Hello, You know, what my mum used to do after I put my baby on formula milk is, add one cardamom in the formula milk while preparing it. It gives milk a different flavour and child likes it. Since, your child is one year, you can try doing it. Just boil it in the water that you are going to make the feed in. If he likes its taste, your problem is solves. Else, be patient and eventually he will start liking the taste of the milk. Or ask your PD, if you can give him packed milk now.

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Hi, What you can do is, try diluting the milk with just little more water than what is usually done. May be the baby is having problem adjusting to the consistency of the milk. Since, breastmilk is not thick in consistency, so he may not be liking it. Try to make it as close as the breastfeed and he will adjust to it.

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It will take more patience sis to formula feed your child. Don't get frustrated, feed him few ounces then paulit ulit lang.