I'm so emotional right now, i stopped breast feeding my baby after 2 years and 2 months. It started when my lo got a really bad cold and cough last week so he was having a hard time nursing. He didn't latch for days so i decided to stop bf. My OB tita said it's about time to stop since he's already 2 and the nutrients aren't enough for him. I told my son 'no more dede na baby, you're a big boy na, drink your milk(bottle) na okay? ' , then he cried and i cried too. So this is how it feels. I still remember all my sacrifices since day 1, i was really having a hard time breastfeeding him since i underwent cesarean. But it was all worth it.

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It is ok if you are not feeding your milk to your child. I think it is his age now to use the cow mil for his bones and brain https://yourlocallocksmith.co/ here you can find some feeders for your child on the give online store so must visit for discount.

You done a good job by stop feeding your breast. In the emotional situation mothers should avoid it as https://assignmentmasters.org/ mentioned about the statistic of the it so must have a look there.

I feel bad too when they say that i need to stop my 10 months old baby from breastfeeding cos im 2 months preggy . I feel bad cos ita to early for her to stop her from breastfeed

Breasfeeding for 1 year and 3 months. Naiyak ako! Sepanx!