Hi any mummies gave birth and hands or fingers numb ?

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I had it after I gave birth to my baby boy. Was very worried and spoke to doctors about it. Doc told me not to panic, most likely it is carpel tunnel that will subside. Reason this happens is becuase of all of the excess fluids during pregnancy and labor.

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Slmt sa pgshare nyo, gnyan dn kc naeexperience q ngyon 34 weeks..last week p ngsimula s akin mula s 3 daliri s kaliwa, tpos prng nnagngapal. D q lng sinabi s asawa q pra d mg-alala, nung isng araw q lng nsbi..pro ngyong nbsa q s mga nshare nyo d n aq mangngamba, norml pla..slmt s inyo.. :)

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I had Carpel tunnel in both hands during late pregnancy. I'm 4 weeks post partum and my left hand has not completely recovered to pre pregnancy state; my right hand has recovered. The numbness and stiffness are much better with each week though.

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Yes still have it. Waiting to recover from c section to do postnatal massage to hopefully help with the water retention that is causing the stiffness.

Hi, Yes it is normal to feel numbness due to extra fluids in the body during pregnancy. But it will be get back to normal after birth

Me! During pregnancy, I felt them in both hands. Currently, I’m in my 2 weeks postpartum, only feel it on my right hand

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Yes it’s normal. It will go way after a month or two.

Yes me. Took about 4 months to recover.


I gave birth 4 months ago and now my hands start to feel numb often before I sleep or lye in my bed...😐 is it normal?

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