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Shaking head
My 8m old baby keeps shaking his head recently esp when he sleeps. Anyone knows why? Thanks
Helps to soothe to self sleep
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Each kid having different habits , may b she falls sleep easily while she do so, coz I do so to my kid head shake while making him sleep when he is small then he sleeps faster ..
Could be a habit
Baby is probably soothing self to sleep. My LO does that too but now at 3.5 mths, i noticed she doesnt shake her head as much as before. Now she suckles on her fist to soothe herself to sleep..
Lolx... so cute
My pd asked me to change from Nan HA to Nan as my baby's colic has improved. However my baby hasn't poo for 3 days, should I bring baby to see pd or change back to Nan HA? Thanks
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How many months old is your baby? If below 6mo, would advise to call up PD to ask if it's necessary to bring bb to PD again (we don't want bb to catch viruses unnecessarily too) or if you should chang
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Try to cycle your child's legs. If the condition does not improve, bring your child to see PD. Mine did not poop for at least a week.
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I too would consult my paedia before making any big changes. Just cos your little one is pretty small yet.
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Prob see back PD and see what he propose . Cos baby still Small so better get his medical professional advise
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Please consult PD before you change baby’s milk.