Dry Hair

What is the best solution for kids dry hair? My 5 year old daughter's hair is looking dry and not really manageable when I try to tie ponytails... Does hair oil helps? Or should I change to certain shampoo? Right now she's using hair to body shampoo for kids.

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My five year old niece has the same problem. Her mom was told to shampoo less often and use a de-tangling spray. And also avoid hair dryers and when towelling dry, dont rub vigorously. Instead tamp it down gently. Good luck and hope this helps!

3y ago

Thanks Zech! But it's fun to shampoo that smelly hair after kindy. Hahaha.

Do you put conditioner on her hair? My sister put conditioner on her daughter's hair, rambut anak dia very soft now

3y ago

Just did last week! Sebelum ni tak pernah. 😄

Try tukar pada shampoo baby johnson..

3y ago

Tq dear 🥰