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How many months old baby can start sleep in cradle ? Must be 3months onwards ?

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What kind of cradle? Do you have a picture? Usually infants less than one year old are recommended to sleep in a proper crib or cot with no pillows/toys/etc to prevent suffocation or falling

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my girl last time use sarong craddle started from about 2 months I think, bcos it's very hard to put her to sleep, have to carry her for very long time thats why I bought that

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Hi! If you didn't start using from the beginning, don't see the need to start using after 3 months.. just an advice, since i heard it's really hard to stop using....

Hey, I believe baby can sleep in cradle in daytime when they are of 3 months. Gradually the habit can be developed for making sleep in cradle at night time as well

Mine slept in it from 3mths old until 7mths then he doesnt want to sleep in it anymore.

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I let my LO slpt in yaolan in the daytime. Nap abt 1hrs

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I never let them sleep in Yao lan