jus rant

Mil asked me to stop bm cos last few days when i not ard, she giving fm, she felt that fm giving my girl to look more chubby. These days i m back n started back on bm, she feel my girl slim down alr?‍♀️

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Fat doesn’t mean healthy

And I still thought most in law wants bm more

Talk to her nicely if not talk to your husband

Mil needs some education, Fm only pumps up baby bc of sugar

You are baby's mother not her.. Feed what is good for baby

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It’s not about chubby or slim. Is about the nutrients inside!

Old people like baby to be fat. Bm won't make them fat that's why.

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Just explain to your mil nicely or ask your husband to talk to her.

Just explain Grannies grew up and they are taught FM is better than BM

Older gen are like that. They are not educated on breast milk benefits.