9mth plus, yet not able to stand well

LO 9mth plus yet still cannot stand on her own for more than 5sec ):

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It's actually quite normal :) Nothing to worry. Working with infants, they all have different timings. Just enjoy it while it last 😉

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It's normal.

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I think it's fine, you may want to consult the pediatrician on your next visit...

No rush. Every child is differen

Don't rush your child. Some even 18months then can walk

My LO start to walk unassisted by 13 months. Still rmbr her birthday, she can only stand walk abit and fall. And now she 17 months running non stop and love walking. 😂 Every child is different. Just slowly keep guiding her..

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Super Mum

Every child is different.

Super Mum

Every baby is different. Mine only stand on own at close to 12 months old. :)

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I think it’s fine cause all babies are not the same. Maybe she will hit the milestone a little later.

It may not be surprising that it is taking her a bit longer to stand than other kids her age