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how old should we start potty training?

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Depends on individual kid's readiness and if you have the time to do the training (involves reminding them to go to the potty and the occasional accident wetting and cleaning up and diaper changing to be done). For #1, we started at 18 mo, fully potty trained including night at 2yo. For #2, we started at 2yo and she was trained by 2.5yo but cc insisted she put on diapers in N1 class till she officially turned 3 yo after 1+ month in cc. #3 is 2.5yo now n he said "no potty, no toilet bowl, I poo poo in diapers" so we are still leaving him (wonder if boys start later too) as he is

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Yup many articles I read all say dependable on the kid. But I guess you could start introducing by talking abt it with your kid - for eg tell kid where & what toilet bowl look like? I saw online (FB search: little caring tots) got someone sell those potty look exactly like our adult toilet bowl just in miniature size for kids

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Around 24 months. But some kids are ready earlier. Watch for readiness signs, like telling you they want to go to the toilet. Also expect regression, meaning, you start, but then they want to go back to diapers. This is normal and if it happens, just wait for a few weeks before you try again.

let it go with d flows...dnt force....theres time he will automatically want to go to toilet bowl instead potty...

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Depends on individual. There is no correct age to start potty train. But most people starts around 18-24 months.

the earlier the better I guess, coz I saw my sis-in-law's nanny trained the little one at 6mths :)

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depend on individual. When they r ready.. they will let u know

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It varies. But can start training at 16/18 months

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depend on individual.. mine started 2 years +