You would prefer your maid to address you as "Ma'am", or calling your name?

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She's older than me,so being called by my name is fine

I prefer them to call me Mdm

I prefer being called by my name. But have found that some helpers are actually uncomfortable with it, so at those points have stuck with being called Ma'am.

if shes older than me she can call me by my name, if shes younger shell need to us some TITLE to reference me

Better if ma'am. To maintain their respect.

I guess they are trained to called ma'am. But by calling us ma'am they will know that we are their boss, and they won't be up to funny things.

Mam for me as well. Sometimes not don't want to be nice. But being too close makes it hard. So better to draw a line.

By name since she's older than me. Yung previous yaya ko na mas bata sakin Ate tawag sakin.

I would prefer being called ma'am as I feel this is more respectful to me, as an employee. If calling me by name, I find it will be too friendly.

Ma'am or "Ate" (in tagalog meaning older sister)