What would you do if your maid was allergic to certain foods? would you still bring them into the house?

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definitely yes if we as a family eat it, and will remind her not to eat it.
I would still bring it in the house. if she is unable to touch the food, then n need to touch. depending on how severe it is. like my son, he is allergy to eggs. not only consumption, he can't touch e
This really depends on the allergy severity. Some people with nut allergies can't even go near nuts without flaring up, but others are fine just as long as they don't eat them! As allergic reaction
I would still bring the foods in the house. The maid would know what she's allergic to so I doubt she would knowingly consume the foods. But to be safe I would clearly sign the foods which she can'
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I would still buy the food if my kids and husband love what she's allergic to, i would just make sure to be cautious and not expect her to touch/eat/cook it.