Would you inform both sides of the family once you and your spouse decide to split? How would you suggest to announce such a sensitive thing to your families? What should I take note of? Should I let him tell his and I inform my side, or should we do it together? Please help!

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It depends on your relationship with your ex spouse and why did you guys end it. If it was a mutual decision, then yes, do it together and explain why you both made the decision. If it ended negatively; abuse, affair, addict, etc.. then YOU confide in your family before letting the news down to your ILs. Best to have some sort of "evidence" to back yourself up in case they are the protective kind. For me, my ILs were very understanding and were very supportive of my decision and my family knew and understood that I never want anyone mentioning the D word to me. I've been very blessed that I have people who understand me and keep me occupied instead of interrogating me (except for the few kpo aunties). My ILs did try to intervene and tried to talk to my ex but the affair carried on. My ex on the otherhand has not mentioned anything to his side.

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