When do you inform your company about pregnancy

Hi I would like to know when do you inform your company you are pregnant? I am week 6 pregnant and wanted to inform earlier as my morning sickness is really bad. Just wanted to tell my boss in case I take more Mc and work from home a little more.. #advicepls

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Hey! I told my boss about my pregnancy when I was ard 5-6weeks pregnant as I was also experiencing morning sickness. If you are not too superstitious you can always tell your boss around this time. This is to prevent bosses or colleagues from questioning why are you always on mc or wfh. For me it helps to be open about this with my boss and manage expectations. :) Hope you got some anti nausea medicine from ur Gynae to help you with your morning sickness!

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I told my boss at week 6.. But she didn't manage to do proper human resources planning over the months and even insisted that I work right up to the day I was due. It depends on your manager, and unfortunately I didn't had a good one.

i inform my immediate boss 1st.. after my 1st appt w gynae.. thn nearer the date tri 2 to tri 3 will inform HR n email them the edd n maternity plans n frequent appt dates w gynae chk up

Hi! I informed my boss towards the end of my 1st trimester when my morning sickness was really bad, I had to take MC/come late so telling them makes things easier. Good luck!

I inform my boss when I was 8 weeks pregnant. Same issue, naseousness and vomitting bad. My mindset is for at least my boss to know why I'm always not at work.

like most mothers, I told my employer after my 1st gynae checkup, at least everything is confirmed.. then ask them to keep it till 3 mth at least .


Told my manager i am undergoing ivf… and I only turn up in office once every two weeks for the first trimester.. my manager totally understand..

I wanted to be sure so I only told my boss at week 12 when I was completing the 1st tri :) managed to be a ninja about the nausea

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How's your MS now? did you manage to tell your boss yet?

I told my boss immediately so that he will understand and not arrange additional work for me.

I inform my boss a week after i found out im pregnant w5