Disrespectful spouse

How do you deal with a spouse who grows to disrespecting consensus which both have agreed upon? We have agreed that there should only be an invite of friends over to play mahjong once every 3 months. But he has already invited his friends last week. And this morning, he just "inform" me that they are coming again. I hate it when he ask people over to play from 10pm to 4am. It is disruptive to our baby's sleep and my sleep. Is it too much to make a fuss? #advicepls

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if I were you, and when the baby wakes up from their mahjong noise, I will bring the baby out to where they are playing the mahjong and purposely let his friends see the scene and make them aware that they are being as a noise nuisance and alr caused the baby to wake up from playing mahjong till so late. then hope they become auto and leave and next time will be paiseh to accept any gameplay from your hubs. they're so inconsiderate and buay 自动

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